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Tips for using Obd365.com

Tips for using Obd365.com
How to use Obd365.com?

1. Press our logo to back to our home page.
2. If you are at the bottom of our page you can press to the top.
3. Press "Register" if you are not our member yet.
4. You could know more about obd365 and latest news when you press "News&Notice".
5. Click "Add to Cart" to check out how much you buy from us. When you input the qualities you want to order, the subtotal will be automatically calculated for you.
6. Click "Sitemap" you'll know all function of our website.
7. More details you will know if you press "help".
8. If you are confused about our items and you want to get technical support, you can click "Technical Support"

You can also contact our customer service if you have any other problems.

E-mail: sales@obd365.com
Yahoo: obd365@yahoo.com
MSN: sales@365.com
Skype: obd365.com
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