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New Arrival Kess V2 Truck version FW 4.036

New Kess v2 ecu tuning kit master truck version with firmware V4.036 (SE87-CK) is available in obd365.com.

Kess V2 truck V4.036 (SE87-CK) vs. Kess v2 v4.036 (SE-87-D) vs. Kess v2 truck v4.024 (SE87-K)

SE87-CK covers all SE87-K truck models and add more.
SE87-CK works with cars,motocycles, trucks, SE87-D will not work on truck. 

If you need to read car ECU, you choose SE87-D.
If you need to read truck ECU,you go for SE87-CK.

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